The Sustainable Heroes Project has chosen to launch “Veterans” as our first “Heroes” project.   What an honor it is to offer an educational/training opportunity for those who have served!


It is difficult for the average citizen to understand the many issues veterans must deal with when once discharged from military service.  Many of our veterans have served on foreign soil, in war zones, suffered physical injuries or have seen tragedies beyond our comprehension with many needing more than a counselor to talk to.  Their transition back into “normal” living is very difficult at best and impossible for others who are unable to return to normal and commit suicide or have withdrawn from society living in a homeless state.


Home is more than a word or a place.  It can become a life saver when a “team” of veterans working together are building each other’s homes.  First they will design their living environment and then select the natural building material to build with.  Friendships are built along with a home





SHP’s non-profit status permits soliciting funds and materials to help defray the cost of home building and ownership.  The ongoing costs of utility expenses can be minimized by selecting “green” energy sources, utilizing passive solar design and building with natural building materials.