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Self-Sufficiency....Food Preservation+

Updated: Jan 20, 2018

Let's just think about the following:

a) you have great success in growing your own food but don't participate in a Farmer's Market

b) the abundant food can't all be eaten before spoiling...now what do you do

c) preservation done by: canning, freezing or dehydrating

d) root cellars must be minimum of 2 feet in the ground, shaded and ideally close to your home or garden area....temperature will hold at 55 degrees which is enough to preserve root vegetable

Any of the above methods of your harvest can be easily done if you know how. Again we must either learn (lots of YouTube videos available), books at the library, other farmers who really like to share the "how to's" of just about everything. Let's face it there are many ways to accomplish this task......you just need to make the effort.

Dehydrating is extremely easy and if you don't have one you can build one....see ours

The above pictured dehydrator was a set of plans we found on the Home Depot website. We were able to download and build it. We painted ours a flat black. I'm telling you we've dehydrated vegetable, fruit, flowers, herbs and even us to heat of small individual meals. Highly suggest to build your own....much better than an electrical unit that runs for hours but this saves you energy.

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