Phase Six....Interior Details

Interior Details will include the following.....

This home design does not include the typical stick built home details such as trim moldings, base boards, trim around doors. 

When considering the interior wall finish its important to understand the earthen plaster does not give you the type of support

when needing to like hang a picture, hooks etc.  When building your walls you can include wooden inserts while building your

earthen/cob walls.  We included some but not a lot of this type of inserts. 



Closet interior

Shelving.....primarily for under countertop


Donated cabinets were sanded and painted white.  Home design allowed for very few upper mounted cabinets.  We incorporated

a larger countertop surface with shelving below. We'll design the configuration to fit the usage.

COUNTERTOP, solid live edge pine......

The countertops we selected were from a local saw mill.  The selected planks were then cut into more manageable lengths which

were determined long ago when designing kitchen location.   While at the millwork site the hole for the under-mount sink was

cut out.  The pine planks selected had a live edge on two sides.  It was determined for better use of the edge placed up against

the southern wall it would be wise to trim the edge straight so a backsplash could be used.

Please consider when designing a solid plank countertop the weight and how you will handle it.  With 2 cut edges to attach

together it was necessary to put attaching rods on the underside (picture is included). 

The next phase is the finish.  Sanding and smoothing for the finish required planing.  Because we wanted to utilize  the

maximum plank width the mill shop couldn't accommodate its width to machine plane without cutting plank down the middle

which would require re-attaching them together....just didn't want that line running down through the  beautiful grain.  Still trying

to decide about using epoxy resin to even out the dips in countertop surface.  Will update with what was decided.