Volunteers and Internships.....


Volunteering is an absolutely, positively exciting especially if you like getting dirty.  Contributing to a project that satisfies your artistic and task orientated mentalities.  Being passionate about what you do is very fulfilling but it's especially great when you can build something from nothing......making a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water seem extraordinary while creating an actual livable dwelling.

We always need volunteers who don't mind getting dirty and willing to work with your hands and feet.  No experience ... no problem.  Tools....just hands and feet occasionally a level.   Time....when workshops and project is scheduled.  Some of our first volunteers mixing the cob, applying it. First scratch coat then a finer coat is added.



This is an awesome opportunity for students to earn class credits and work with long forgotten materials.  We are always anxious to coordinate  a building project with students especially in their area of interest.  They will quickly learn with this hands on experience  with natural building materials.  We strive to reduce "carbon footprints" in acquiring local building materials.  Re-purposing is always on our mind as it saves our landfills and we challenge ourselves to find ways in which to use those items.  Last but certainly not least is think GREEN and SUSTAINABLE.

Our most recent internship was a student attending a local college.  She interned for almost 6 weeks.  Take a look at fun we had.