Self-Sufficiency....Steps to get there....

We've covered how to build a cob/straw bale home, generate electricity and how to get water. But to live you still need food.....the saying goes: Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter. Not much thought is given to our food until we go to the grocery store and select the foods needed to cook or heat up to feed yourself/family. There are several concerns many are starting to realize the cost and quality of fresh foods. Processed foods are convenient but at what cost? T

Self-Sufficiency....Food Preservation+

Let's just think about the following: a) you have great success in growing your own food but don't participate in a Farmer's Market b) the abundant food can't all be eaten before what do you do c) preservation done by: canning, freezing or dehydrating d) root cellars must be minimum of 2 feet in the ground, shaded and ideally close to your home or garden area....temperature will hold at 55 degrees which is enough to preserve root vegetable Any of the above