Let's get dirty.....YEAH So you want to build something.

Why not build with natural building materials? We decided to build with cob (mixture of clay, sand, straw and water) and straw bales. (We want to mention now that this picture is one taken during a workshop....volunteers (the best)). This decision has worked very well for us for several reasons. The materials were readily available, inexpensive and we could learn how to work with them. We didn't have the experience but we knew how to get advice and techniques via the inte

Off Grid/Self-Sufficiency....ELECTRICITY

Okay you decided to be Off-Grid.....100% independent or tied into local utilities are the two choices you have. For Sustainable Heroes Project we elected to be 100% Off Grid and rely 100% on Solar power. To choose Grid Tied in we would have had to pay for the utility company to install electrical poles approximately 325 feet from the nearest power tie in. That translated into about $3,000. It is still an option for us but for now we don't want to do that. We chose to purc

Who's a HERO?

"BECAUSE YOU SERVED" VETERANS will be our first HERO in a long list of HEROES. America is what it is today because of their unselfish and dedicated service. Men and woman who take an oath to defend our Constitution and the rights entitled to citizens of these United States of America. Freedom is never "free". Many give their lives in order for us to live in a country that allows us the freedom of speech, opinions, where we want to get an education, where we want to work,