Self-Sufficiency....Steps to get there....

We've covered how to build a cob/straw bale home, generate electricity and how to get water. But to live you still need food.....the saying goes: Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter. Not much thought is given to our food until we go to the grocery store and select the foods needed to cook or heat up to feed yourself/family. There are several concerns many are starting to realize the cost and quality of fresh foods. Processed foods are convenient but at what cost? T

Self-Sufficiency...Rocket Mass Heater

A WHAT? Yeah.....they are awesome but not a lot of people know about them. So let's take a look: Well while it may not be the prettiest thing you've ever seen it will provide an awesome heat source. Wanted you to see how we assembled this RMH. Installation started just before Thanksgiving 2017. You wouldn't usually start that late in the year primarily due to weather but we had several really warm fall days. This RMH is in the "EcoHouse" located in North Carolina. Here