Let’s take a look at a “new” way to look at AGRICULTURE.  It’s more than just plants and animals.


First, everything living requires a food source, light and water. Our ancestors survived living off the land without electricity, refrigeration, pesticides/insecticides and commercial agriculture.  So why not call upon gardening leaders to teach us how to create gardens that provide more and better food with less work?  This is basically the idea behind “Permaculture”. 







Sustainable Heroes Project  will collaborate with established organizations to assist in developing a community that supports itself not only with a healthy home but gardens producing fresher, healthier food grown locally thereby reducing the “carbon footprint” of transportation. We will make every effort to get as close to “zero waste” as possible. By designing and teaching residents to recycle, compost, share and develop small cottage businesses to reach “green and sustainable” living.





Growing vegetables and herbs, fruit and nut trees is just one part.  Raising chickens, rabbits, goats and cows can provide food and wonderful experiences. 


 “Sustainable” translates into replenishing what we need to live.  Self-reliance translates into believing we have the intelligence and ability to do what’s required to live.  By providing an opportunity to learn to produce your own food, build a home, create and preserve energy while living as debt free as possible.