Home is Where our Heart Is...

WE have all heard the saying, "Home is where the heart is." It's a place of comfort, a family place, and sometimes a private refuge. No matter where it's located, how it's used, or what it's called, it should be a place where we find peace and happiness.


The American Dream has been described as "owning your own home." Settlers and seekers have traveled around the world to find a place to call home. It's an opportunity we all long for.


The Sustainable Heroes Project has THREE specific goals:


1. Our first goal is to idenfity and reach out to "Heroes" whether they be a veteran, an educator, a community helper, or a local citizen in order to identify their individual needs.


2. Our second goal is to build a network whereby resources can be gathered and shared. In this way, community is created.


3. Our third goal to assist in designing and implementing an individualized sustainable, renewable home environment that is both responsible and inviting.